Summer Jobs in Greece

Seize the Summer: Work and spend your holiday in Greece!

Are you a student eager to make the most out of your summer break? Or you simply want to experience the Greek lifestyle for a while? Dive into the vibrant Greek culture, explore the Greek islands while gaining work experience and getting paid with our seasonal jobs in Greece. Picture yourself working in bustling seaside restaurants, hotels or even cruises creating unforgettable memories and forming lasting friendships with fellow international colleagues.

Summer jobs in Greece

Available jobs

  • Restaurant staff
  • Hotels – receptionist
  • Hotels – cleaners
  • Hotels – animators / baby sitting
  • Cafes & bars
  • Seasonal shops – shop assistants


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Why a summer job in Greece is a great opportunity?

Work in Greece – Your Gateway to a Unique Workation

Dreaming of a workation in a Mediterranean paradise? Make it a reality by choosing to work in Greece! Our opportunities allow you to enjoy the Greek summer & the Greek islands while earning salary and maybe as well pursuing a rewarding career experience.

Ready to jump into the big fat Greek summer?

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Please note that our positions are only available for people with valid permission to live and work in Greece



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