Kea Island – an unforgettable one-day sailing trip from Athens

Kea – a less-known Greek island with deep blue sea and much history

Kea (or as the local call Tzia) is a cosmopolitan and friendly Greek island, less discovered by tourists or even by Greek people.

It is a unique island just an hour from the port of Lavrio (a nice little port on the southern part of the Attika peninsula, 40 km from Athens and 7 km from Sounion).

The island’s capital Ioulida – picturesque place built on the side of a hill. You will love this traditional Greek island village, with romantic, small streets.

How to get to Kea?

You can visit Kea with fast boats from the port of Lavrio. To get to Lavrio from Athens you either need to get a taxi or rent a car. Renting a car on the Athens coast is quite easy and budget friendly.

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Getting to Kea island with a private sailing yacht:

If you really want a unique experience you have to chose sailing from Lavrio to Kea, since the island’s many beautiful beaches and coves are remote, accessible only by sailing or motorboat.

One of the most thrilling archaeological place on the island is the ancient Karthea with the temples of Athena, Apollo, and Asklepios. If you would like to visit ancient Karthea from the land by foot, be prepared to walk. But if you arrive on a sailing boat you have the lifetime opportunity to admire this ancient historical place from the sea.

Island hopping - Athens riviera, Kea island

A very special experience – sailing from Lavrio to Kea with the most experience captain of the Aegean sea!

Greek island hopping- Kea island sailing

The sailing boat will set sails early in the morning from the port of Lavrio, southern Attika. You  can enjoy the sun and the beautiful view and probably will be accompanied by dolphins.

To sail to Kea island  will take around 2 hours. During the trip you will enjoy the beautiful sight on the Aegean sea. You will also pass Cape Sounion and get a nice view of the temple of Poseidon on the top of the hill.

The  boat will anchor in front of Karthea – a place to make the best photos of your life.

You will have the opportunity to swim in the crystal-clear sea – and around the truly mesmerising rocks surrounding the bays. Kea is an undiscovered island with loads of excellent beaches, archaeological sites and many amazing traditional villages in Greece.

Ready to board & discover a nice greek island by boat?

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Happy is the man, I thought, who, before dying, has the good fortune to sail the Aegean sea.”

-Nikos Kazantzakis, Zorba the Greek

Arriving back to Athens – sailing with the sunset

You will arrive back from this wonderful one-day journey to Lavrio port in the evening, after admiring the sunset from the boat.

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