5 awesome tips for wellness experiences on the Athens riviera

There are so much to do and see around the Athens riviera when it comes to wellness and wellbeing. Recently there are more and more activities offered for those who opt for wellness travel experiences in Greece.  From sailing, island hopping from Athens and long walks / jogs on the riviera to beach yoga one can find different types of amazing vacation activities. And of course, the beautiful Athenian riviera is blessed with great facilities and sites to enjoy outdoor activities.

1. Water-sports

The sea on the south coast of Athens is clean and you can find several pristine beaches.
Many beaches around Glyfada, Vari-Voula-Vouliagmeni are even certified with the coveted Blue Flag, so you can enjoy the crystal-clear Aegean Sea and the surrounding environment.
Several paid beaches offer water-sport facilities. You can find water-sport stations (for SUP, windsurf, kayak lessons and equipment rental) in Voula, Vouliagmeni and Varkiza as well. If you visit the paid beach on Varkiza (called Yabanaki), we highly recommend to go and try windsurf or SUP in Yasurfaki surf station. 

If you go further to the south to the picturesque beach of Anavyssos you can find one of the most popular spots for windsurf – the Kouros surf club (also SUP rental available).

2. Sailing – island hopping from Athens

You can hop on a sailing boat and visit some astonishing Greek islands in a one- or two days island hopping sailing trip.

We can’t hide our enthusiasm when it comes to sailing around the Athens riviera.

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If you fancy a 2-day sailing tour, we have it all covered. Explore two unspoiled Greek islands with a sailing yacht. We guarantee you will have an unforgettable experience.

A two-days sailing getaway to the Greek islands from Athens

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3. Yoga on the beach

Looking for spiritual experiences in Athens? There are some ongoing yoga retreats, yoga classes in English language in the center of Athens or on the Athenian riviera.

Nothing can be more rewarding and calming than an hour of yoga by the sea, with the sound of the wind and the the waves. The sounds that you are listening to during room yoga classes in a cold winter day, and you dream of your summer vacation in Greece. Here you are! Try this in real with the Athens Riviera yoga instructors.

4. The Running / walking trails on the Athens coast

What could be easier and more rewarding than a nice running or walking routine during your vacation.

You can kill two birds with one stone and combine your exercise program with sightseeing and sea-gazing. Let us take you around the best running routes on the Athens Riviera.

Generally, there are no designated running routes on the seaside, so you will run on the pavement. The weekends can be a bit crowded with walking families, so you might want to schedule your runs for the weekdays.

Glyfada beach:

There is a nice long road by the sea in Glyfada. You will pass by nice marinas with yachts and small fishing boats.
There are many free beaches, so if you are prepared with swimsuit and towels you can also refresh yourself in the sea.

Flisvos marina

Another nice area to explore with running or walking is flisvos Marina. You can start your exercise here and enjoy the view of the numerous yachts, ships, and the beautiful surroundings. From the Marina you can chose to run north or south (towards Glyfada). An both cases you will be running by the tram rail (be careful if crossing).

Flisvos Marina - Athens Riviera Running Trails
Flisvos Marina

Kavouri /Vouliagmeni

Perhaps the best area for those runners /hikers who seek a trail little further away from the busy streets. Vouliagmeni is one of the most upscale areas of the Athens riviera. Kavouri is the direct seaside part of the Vouliagmeni area with many superb coffee shops and fish tavernas.

And of course, an amazing place to work out.

You can run on the sandy coast and, just like in Glyfada, you can find many excellent beaches for swimming and sunbathing with nice beach facilities. The beaches are also suitable for beach games, like beach volleyball and other activities.

5. Book a massage in your place

Relax after a rewarding day of sightseeing, swimming, walking, or running with an in-house massage.

Check out our recommendations for excellent massage therapists on the Athens riviera, who offer in-house massages, so you can enjoy the massage from the comfort of your own space.

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