Perhaps one of the most sought-after experiences on the Athens riviera is the island hopping. It is a unique experience and the best part is that you can reach beautiful Greek islands close to Athens within 2 hours.

You can visit islands near Athens with ferry boats from any of the ports around Athens:

  • Piraeus port: the largest ports, where most ferries depart to most of the islands. This port gets quite busy during the summer, so if you chose to depart from here make sure to be on time.
  • Rafina: which is located on the eastern side of Attika. You can reach it by taxi or car the easiest way.
  • Lavrio is a small, pretty coastal town on the south of Attika. This town is also recommended to reach by car or taxi.

Another way to do the famous island hopping is by sailing boat, which are relatively easy and inexpensive to rent.

We recommend choosing a sailing trip if you want the off-the-beaten path experience. .

A 2-day itinerary to visit 2 islands with a sailing boat. See two islands, less visited by mass tourism.

Discover its hidden places around the beautiful Greek islands!

Starting from the afternoon from Lavrio Port you will have the chance to see the World’s most stunning sunset from the boat.

Passing by Cape Sounion, during the sunset one can admire the Temple of Poseidon on the top of the rocks.

Enjoy this lifetime experience with a glass of Greek wine – an evening you will always remember.

In the morning we arrive to your first destination: Kea island, where you will enjoy your coffee in a small coffee by the port or on the yacht.

Kea (or as the local call Tzia) is a unique island with unspoiled places and beaches to see.

The sailing yacht will take you to Kea’s most mysterious thrilling archaeological site is the ancient Karthea – where you can find the temples of Athena, Apollo, and Asklepios. Many sailing boats are arriving to this sacred ancient site to admire the history, the archaeology and then swim in the crystal-clear water. This place is extremely hard to reach by foot, but with a boat you will anchor nearby conveniently.

After a full day discovering Kea and swimming your local captain will take you to the best fish tavernas on the island.

The next day the yacht will depart to the island of Kythnos: another pearl on the Aegean Sea.

Discover Kythnos – a less known island on the Aegean Sea.

The island is small yet offers so many things to see including many archaeological sites of significance.

One of these sites is Vryokastro, which thought to be the ancient capital of the island.

The settlement is located on the northwest side of the island, not far from the main port.

You will see remaining of this ancient city here with a beautiful sea view.

Continue your Kythnos visiti to the main town (Hora): a traditional island town with gleaming white churches, traditional tavernas and cafes. Immerse in the Mediterranean tastes for lunch!

After lunch you will be getting on the boat again and time to sail back to Lavrio port!

This tour has been designed by Captain Vassilis Kamarotakis – the most experienced sailor around Attika and the founder of Kamar Yachting in Lavrio.  He  knows every centimetres in the Aegean sea after his 40 years of sailing experience. A remarkable person to be around.

Happy sailing!