The Greek mainland’s best of: Methana, Arkadia

If you love wilderness and mountains, ever changing seascapes, deep forests and running streams the Peloponnesian Peninsula is your place to be. Ancient historic places and monasteries and all nature’s bounty – the Greek mainland has it all.

We have listed below our favorite places to visit on the Peloponnese Peninsula.

Discover the hot springs of Methana

Only 3 hours away from Athens, driving on the most spectacular places on the Greek mainland, lies Methana. Methana is a unique place, less known by visitors. This place is a must-visit for people seeking relaxation and serenity on the beautiful beaches and beautiful bays.

The area is a volcanic peninsula born few hundred years BC out of eruptions. Visitors can see remaining of the volcanic activities.

The settlement is a true magic with impressive lava domes and craters, archaeological sites, and thermal baths. The peninsula is not spoiled by large tourism activities, therefore a superb choice for travelers searching for a unique experience. Immerse yourself in nature in this wonderful place.

Best places to go - Greece Mainland. Methana
Methana seaview from the mountains

In love with sailing and want to visit some close Greek islands? Discover daily cruises from Methana

We are too in love with the islands on the Aegean sea. From Methana you can make daily cruises to nearby islands of Saronic in just 15-25 minutes to Agistri, Aegina and Poros! Do a one-day island hopping and discover those islands – the archaeological sites, the small fishing villages with magnificent fish dishes and the real Greek hospitality.

In love with nature and ready to put on your hiking boots?

Explore the wonderful rural idyll of Arcadia!

The Arkadia region is situated central and eastern part of the Peloponnese peninsula. It is perhaps the best area to explore the bountiful nature of Greece.

Arkadia is home to a huge national park, the mountain range of Parnon and the spectacular beaches of Kynouria.

A spectacular hiking route in Arkadia

One of our favorite trail is an old route between the traditional village of Ano Tyros to the small seaside town, Leonidio. Until 1957 this coast had no road and travel between villages was either by small boat or over the mountains on the mule track.

It has views to the sea and the mountain top, passing wayside shrines and small churches, threshing grounds and windmills. The route takes in one of the protected historical villages, Melana, where you can stop for a local tea or coffee.

Arkadia, Greece hiking tour
The view during the route on the coast of Arkadia region.

Explore Arkadia with the local walking tour providers!

We always support local businesses and in case of trekking around we can’t really think of a better option than locals! Greece on Foot in Arkadia offers tailor made trips. Whether you want to wander around, relax a bit  on the beaches or explore local food, Greece on Foot  will find you the best option. With this company you will also enjoy the opportunity to witness the local knowledge of the older generations who have lived close to the land in their pastoral homes. In addition they will teach you the old folklore and usage of the plants we are surrounded by.

The Greece on Foot company provides walking tours from mid September to the end of May, breaking only for the hot summer months.

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