Why is it a bad idea to work during vacation?

And what you can do to unwind if you can’t really leave your work behind?

Have you ever ended up working during your vacation?

The theory of the cognitive bandwidth explains that we have a limited amount of mental capacity every morning we wake up. And as we give attention to numerous information, tasks, news, people we spend more and more of this limited resource of mind/thinking capacity.

What if you can’t take a break and must solve work related stuff during your vacation?

  1. Identify if some tasks are really needed to be solved right during your holidays.

We all have those smart devices. It is can just so tempting to open the emails and start quickly answer to some from the sun bed. Once you start doing this, you’ll never stop. And the day on the sunbed goes by, without you benefiting anything from the beautiful day by the sea.

  1. If you identified some emergencies you need to solve while on vacation: set aside time (I prefer morning hours) and focus on one task each time.

When you finish start your day with movement: go for a swim, go for walking, and explore the area. Distract yourself in a highly active way from work. The best idea is to go for a vacation, which offers wellness activities. Wellness travel is becoming a big trend: retreats, hiking tours, sailing trips – just to mention a few. These kinds of wellness holidays are amazing to boost your physical and mental power.

Wellness holidays Greece
A sailing yoga wellness holiday in Greece
  1. Practice meditation and mindfulness.
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