10 reasons to plan your next yoga- or wellness holiday (aka retreat) in Athens

Yoga retreats, wellness holidays, detox retreats gained enormous popularity in recent years. People visit exotic places to spend some days or weeks dedicated to their well-being and health – we can’t support this trend enough. Perhaps Athens is a less known destination when it comes to popular retreat places.

However the Greek capital and the surrounding areas have everything you need for a perfect wellness retreat.

  • The sea is amazing. Even if you go to the beach closest to the city center – you will enjoy swimming in the clean sea. Swimming in the clear and totally safe sea is the best bonus of any yoga retreat or wellness holiday in Athens.

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  • The further you go from the city center though, the more it feels like you are on a secluded Greek island. And don’t get us wrong: you don’t have to drive for hours. The distances are not big, the roads are easy to drive and you can easily rent a car or even use public transport.
  • Alternative activities: Greek island trips, sailing, cooking classes, market visits. It’s super easy to go on an island trip from Athens and you can chose from plenty of close and bit further destinations.
  • Fancy some history? There are number of World famous historical places around Athens and Attica you can visit. In the center visit the Acropolis – perhaps one of the most well-known historical monuments around the World. Take a walk around plaka or Monasiraki and spoil yourself with local soaps, handmade sandals and souvenir T-shirts. Additionally you can plan a one-day excursion to nearby notable places, like Cape Sounion, Marathon – just to name a few.
Athens for yoga retreat - Monastiraki
The lively neighbourhood of Monastiraki. Source:Shutterstock
  • Vegetarian food and even if you are not vegetarian the food is fresh and fair priced. The traditional Greek diet is mainly vegetarian. The reason: everything grows easy on this beautiful land: veggies, fruits. It’s a paradise for vegetarians. Healthy food is hot right now in Greece. You can find plenty of vegetarian/vegan/raw food restaurants in Athens.

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  • Most people speak English, so you can easily ask for help, advice or direction. Tip from the editors: Always ask your local host for recommendation for food. They know best where to go!
  • The sun shines 300 days a year. You don’t have to come for the yoga holiday in the peak touristy season. April, May, September, October and even November are great to come and practice yoga by the sea. (bonus: the accommodation and flights are must cheaper).
  • People are kind: despite economic hardship people are cheerful and helpful. They are very welcoming and will help foreigners.
  • The country is safe. There’s no danger because of riots, no attacks.
    Moreover it’s safe from health aspect: no danger to drink water from the tap and no exotic diseases.
  • Lastly: it is easy to travel from or to the rest of Europe- by train, plane or by car.
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